Judah reads

Purim preparation.

It was a Mitzvah Morning here in Omaha.

Judah has been putting coins into his train-shaped tzedakah box every Friday evening for more than a year and, this morning, we decided to learn about charity by making a donation to the Food Bank for the Heartland.

Judah opened up his train and sorted the coins into quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. He counted them all and put them into little boxes to take to the store. At the store, we shopped for canned goods; we bought items that the Food Bank told us they always need: tuna, green beans, and corn.

Then we took all of the cans to the Food Bank, where a member of their Leadership Team weighed Judah’s donation (22 lbs!), took him on a tour of the facility, and showed him how all the donated food is sorted, boxed, and ultimately loaded onto trucks to go out to local food pantries for people who need it.

It was a fantastic experience and gave Judah a real understanding of how little things we do, like putting away a few coins every week, can really impact other people who might need a helping hand. I’m really proud of him and I loved to see how proud he was of himself too. And I’m so grateful to the people at the Food Bank for helping to give him such a positive and fun first-hand experience of giving tzedakah.

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